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Нежный Владимир - Улетаю от газов

Нежный Владимир - Улетаю от газов

Добавлено: 19 фев 2022 в 02:54
Продолжительность: 03:36
Битрейт: 128 кбит/с
Размер: 3.31
Просмотров: 15

Текст песни

Текст песни

I was dreaming that I was caught up in the middle of a parade
But I wasn't paying attention to the statement being made
And when I looked up at a banner and saw just what it said
Then I wished that I was somewhere else instead
Because the message on the banner was for white supremacy
And no matter how hard I tired it didn't make any sense to me
So I studied the people around me trying to think of what to say
But the only thing I could think of was to laugh and walk away

I was dreaming that I was talking to a man about his faith
And I was far away from home in some kind of exotical place
The situation was such that when I looked at my surrounding
I got nervous and my heart just started pounding
I realized that I was the only man that was Caucasian
All the people around me looked like oriental Asian
I was a legal alien in a difficult situation
But I could relate to the state I was in when I thought about discrimination

Was I in the wrong place at the wrong time

Or was I in the wrong state of mind
Wrong place, wrong time, wrong state of mind

I was dreaming that I was at home and when I look a look around
It was as if the entire population had suddenly gone underground
I was standing all by myself and there was on one to be found
The only thing worse than a terrible noise is not even hearing a sound
There wasn't a trace of a human face as far as my eyes could see
I started to feel kind of lonely and I wanted some company
I had it make do with myself and the thought didn't appeal to me
'Cos the only thing worse than to many people is feeling completely lonely

Anybody could be related with a monkey in a tree
Or an ancient tribe from Africa but this doesn't bother me
I've probably got lots of relatives that are Jews and nobody knows
Maybe that's the reason for the size of my big and beautiful nose
My family tree is a mystery that comes from all over the place
So tell me the logical definition of a perfect race
Some people are dressed in a darker tan and some have a lighter shade
And I can assure you nobody's sure exactly where they were made

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